August 4, 2021

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Faisal Salih: SAF will reply absolutely

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Sudanese Armed Forces will reply to the Ethiopian attacks towards Sudan absolutely, said Faisal Mohamed Salih -The Sudanese information minister-.

This statement is coming after many declarations from Dina Mufti -The spokesman of the Ethiopian foreign affairs ministry- accusing Sudan from what he called it “Attacks inside Ethiopia”.

Sudan is taking the current situation according to the treayty of Anglo-Ethiopia 1902 which gave Sudan Fashaga region and gave Ethiopia BeniShangol-Gumuz region. Ethiopian secret opinion “Amhara’s opinion”is not admitting the mentioned treaty as they believe that Fashaga and all Eastern Sudan are Amharic areas.

Both countries are facing a lot of interior problems and conflicts. In Ethiopia, Tigray amd BeniShangol are suffering from Amhara accuses against them. Sudan is facing one of the worst’s financial crisis in its history which may produce a division situation due to this crsis.

What both countries will do to stop killing the civilian ?

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